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Matt Leadbetter CD

Matt Leadbetter CD

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Artist include : Marty Raybon, Bradley Walker, Shawn Lane, Paul Brewster, Jesse Gregory, Josh Shilling, Summer McMahon, Phil Leadbetter, Scott Vestal, Ron Stewart, Sierra Hull, Alan Bibey, Tim Stafford, Tim Crouch, Andy Leftwich, Jason Moore, Daniel Kimbro and more.


CD Update !! 

Getting close to the final stages on my cd. I've got some greats coming in and laying down vocals this week and also laying down my dobro parts. I'm getting very excited and looking forward to having it out for everyone very soon. There will be 13 tracks on this project with a mixture of instrumentals and vocals. I will keep everyone posted when it gets close to it's release.


New CD in the works 

I've been laying down tracks for an upcoming CD. I'm really excited being that this is my first solo project. Its gonna have some great songs along with some extremely talented people on it. I'm hoping it'll be out the beginning of the year. I will keep everyone posted.